Carpinus orientalis “Emperor” won Nomination at XX Thropy, Belgium

Tree was collected in December 2008. Starting material was interesting multi-trunk with radial and impressive trunk base, and crown needed “only” 10 years.

And here I am 10 years after.
Unexpectedly we had 10 days of snow in January, but we need to put his royal highness out of dormancy and prepare it for presentation at XX Trophy in February 2019.


Idea was to find something that can accompany idea of old, dignifying emperor and use it not as a table, but as a base. Sergio find some very old wood clean it and adjust it.

We usually need four persons to move tree in safe way, because crown is very wide, but with this “red devil” we could move it in two. I tried to convince owner to sell it to me, but unfortunately without success. Little bit of climbing over the table an the tree was in the position. Leaves of carpinus, rock with moss and lichen, and all is done. It was a moment for us servants to leave and let his majesty to shine.


And he did. Emperor won nomination in the category of broad-leaved trees.