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  • Bonsai Exhibition by Marija Hajdic, Church of The Holy Spirit, Croatia :: July 10-17 2019

    Marija Hajdic had an exhibition of 10 bonsai trees from her collection in city of Omiš in Croatia, in Church of The Holy Spirit.  Exhibition was part of Green Forrest Festival.      

  • Article about Carpinus orientalis Emperor in Esprit Bonsai magazine

    Marija Hajdic’s new article about Carpinus orientalis “Emperor” is published in current issue of Esprit Bonsai 100, June/July 2019

  • “Let’s work together” – May 25, 2019

    If you are interested in work with me on bonsai collection, and in bonsai garden in general, this is good opportunity for you. For participating contact me to reserve your place; on email: [email protected] or messenger. The first event “Let’s work together” took place at  May 25, 2019 in Meleda Bonsai Studio in Dicmo. Ako vas…

  • Interview with Marija Hajdic in Bonsai Focus

    In current issue of Bonsai Focus May/June 2019 is published an interview with Marija Hajdic.

  • Carpinus orientalis “Emperor” won Nomination at XX Thropy, Belgium

    Tree was collected in December 2008. Starting material was interesting multi-trunk with radial and impressive trunk base, and crown needed “only” 10 years. And here I am 10 years after. Unexpectedly we had 10 days of snow in January, but we need to put his royal highness out of dormancy and prepare it for presentation at…

  • DIY watering wand for bonsai

    My watering wand is broken… again. Probably it fell from bench, and plastic thread cracked. I have some spare irrigation system parts, and metal shower head, so lets try to do something… Attach male adapter (20mm to 1/2) to shower head and then put PE pipe (20mm) to adapter.   Cut PE pipe on desired length.…

  • Demonstration and workshop at Minoru Bonsai, Germany :: May 12-13 2018

    Generation Bonsai is annual event organized by Michael Tren at Minoru Bonsai in Neckargemünd, Germany       Marija bring tree from her collection Olea sylvestris for her demonstration.   Bonsai demo by Marija Hajdic – Bonsai Empire video   Sunday was day for all day workshop.